Welcome to the 2020 Legislative Session! It will be an exciting year for kids!

The following provides some information that should be helpful to you as we begin
the 2nd Regular Session of the 72nd General Assembly.

Your MBS Team

  • We have four great Michael Best Strategies team members in Denver representing you at the state Capitol this year. Background information on each team member is attached for reference. Please feel free to reach out to any of us as we can be of help. The team lead(s) for your account are in bold below.
      • Jeff Thormodsgaard, Partner – 303.653.5563 – [email protected] (All clients)
      • Jennifer Goodrum, Principle – 303.999.6553 – [email protected] (Healthcare, multi-client interests)
      • Wes Skiles, Principle – 720.203.6565 – [email protected] (Healthcare, business with non metro/rural intersection in particular)
  • Becky Miller Updike, Principle – 720.560.3810 – [email protected] (Human services, mental health, CAFCA Executive Director)

Standing CAFCA Public Policy Meeting

2nd Tuesday, noon-1pm (dial in: 1-888-378-0222, passcode: 177-814-696)

This meeting only takes place during the Legislative Session, January through May, annually 

Meeting location options: MBS Denver has two office locations at 1776 Lincoln Street, Suite 1100 Denver, CO 80203 (3 blocks from that Capitol with advanced audio and video technology) and 1410 Grant Street, Suite B301, Denver, CO 80203 (directly across Grant Street from the Capitol). When in person meetings are needed, we are happy to meet at whichever location will be most convenient for you. We are also happy to provide a phone or videoconference link if preferred (or use yours – whatever is easiest for you). For in person meetings, downtown parking is limited in both locations. Street (metered) parking, when available, can be a good option for shorter meetings as lots and garages have much higher cost. Our firm can validate parking in the Denver Financial Center or Wells Fargo parking garages located off Sherman St for Lincoln office meetings if needed. For meetings in the Lincoln office, you will need to ask the security guards in the central foyer of the building to give you elevator access to the Michael Best offices on the 11th floor. The guards are super helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask.

**Also, please be sure to send our team a list of any additional client meetings that you would like us to attend during the legislative session (January to May) to be sure they are blocked on our calendars now.

Bill Report Link

This is the link to your bill report, which will provide you with up to date info on the positions you have taken and where the bill is in the legislative process:

We are also providing a separate list this year with budget bills and general interest (often statutory revision) bills that may be of interest:

Please note that our team is still populating your report with initial bills, so the report may not yet contain all relevant bills. We will ensure that all bills with potential impact are on your list before our next regular client meeting. We also typically add all bills that have even marginal impact for our clients to the list for your review (as a conservative and thorough approach). We will discuss the bills at our client meetings and are happy to remove any bills that you are not interested in tracking.

To Bookmark This Link: Click on the link then press Ctrl+D (Windows) or Command+D (Mac OS) when the link is open in your browser

Lobby Day

Date: TBD
Sponsors: TBD
Room: TBD

Legislator Updates

In case you had not already heard, there have been a few changes to the legislative bodies (some still in process) since last year.


  • Rep. Richard Holtorf replaced Rep. Kimmi Lewis in HD64 in eastern Colorado after Rep. Lewis tragically lost her battle with cancer
  • Rep. Mary Young (wife of state Treasurer Dave Young) replaced Rep. Rochelle Galindo in HD 50 (Greeley) after her resignation this past summer
  • Sen. Lois Court in SD 31 (Denver) announced her resignation due to a battle with Guillain-Barre syndrome. A vacancy appointment is still in process. Rep. Chris Hansen, a member of the state Joint Budget Committee, has announced interest in her seat. If Rep. Hansen is appointed, this would precipitate changes in the JBC, as well as a vacancy appointment in HD 6.
  • An open position for Weld County commissioner may impact several Weld County legislators. The seats currently held by Rep. Perry Buck (HD 49) and Sen. Vicki Marble (SD 23) are rumored to be in the mix.

Session Information

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